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Proper nutrition is essential to the health of all individuals 

It's all about the food!

Proper nutrition is essential to the health of all individuals and their offspring. Nutrients are the foundation of all repair and regeneration of tissue and enabling proper bodily functions. Whole, unprocessed foods contain complete nutrients, with their synergistic co-factors, readily available for digestion, assimilation and to ensure proper biological function. Consuming the right nutrients, in the right form, is imperative for long-term health and resolution of chronic illnesses. Eating healthfully is a wise and economical solution to the rising disease rate and the high price of health care.

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Donna  Burka Wild

Donna Wild offers nutritional, herbal and dietary consulting to aid in the resolution of many illnesses and conditions. The recommended natural modalities and individualized protocols are designed to complement other treatments being used by the individual.


This unique manual instructs the reader how to look for abnormalities in the skin, tongue and fingernails which correlate to nutritional deficiencies and disease states in the body. It details specific nutritional, herbal and dietary recommendations to support each underlying dystrophy. 

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These ointments are all natural, made with only the purest food-grade materials. The herbs are organically grown and harvested at their peak potency. Only the proper varieties and plant parts which are most potent in their healing properties are used. These herbs are gently, but thoroughly, infused into the finest first cold pressed oils, chosen for their own specific naturally occurring nutrients and phytochemicals, then thickened with bee's wax.

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